ANTTI Journal #1: How To Be More Sustainable In 2020

Sustainability – you’ve already heard the word, but have you ever stopped to reflect about what it truly means?




1. the quality of being able to continue over a period of time.

2. the quality of causing little or no damage to the environment and therefore able to continue for a long time.

Essentially we can define sustainability as changelessness, incorruptibility, timelessness, longevity and commitment. It is an essential, universal and ever-growing concept that extends and embeds itself into every aspect of our daily lives – it’s everywhere, all the time.

Consciously or not, most of us practice sustainability every day. While some are more mindful of their actions than others, society is continuously studying and sharing new ways of expanding our understanding and responsibilities towards the idea of being more committed, aware and respectful to everything around us.

Undoubtedly sustainability and the environment go hand-in-hand, simply because Planet Earth is our home. It is – and has always been – our responsibility to take care of and nurture our planet.


So if we have the power to take action and live more sustainable lives, then naturally we have the power to help preserve and take care of the environment.


Just think about it: if we look at things from a different perspective and start making simple changes in our routines, we can reduce our environmental impacts and contribute to a better world.


Here are some of our daily practices, habit-shifters and tips to reduce our footprints on mother earth:


  • Consume less – shop wisely, and remember: less is more.



  • Walk more and choose to travel green – gotta go somewhere? Walk, ride a bike, drive an electric car or catch public transport. And while we’re on this subject – avoid flying too, why not go on a road trip instead?


  • Ditch plastic – choose to refuse and always reuse. Who needs more plastic? Choose naked fruit and veggies, use your own bags, carry a water bottle.


  • Save water – in the shower, in the kitchen, in the garden, everywhere, ALWAYS.


  • Choose to support ethical businesses who give a damn – Nash + Banks have curated a jaw-dropping collection of sustainable brands.

There is so much we can be doing to help, and we are so lucky to have quick access to infinite sources of insightful content to soak up and learn from. We wanted to share this amazing article written by Jeniffer Nini – it’s bursting with +100 down-to-earth game-changing tips for those wanting to take action now.


Be the change, hold yourself accountable and do no harm.


ANTTI is proud to advocate for sustainable fashion and to stand for values that create positive impacts.

We go against everything, so we can stand for something.