ANTTI is here to liberate and aid humanity towards a strangely easy and carefree way of life with practical and effortless clothes that are exclusively thought of and designed to be worn.


ANTTI is freedom of choice, it’s whatever you want it to be and that’s the beauty of it. It’s anti-mainstream, anti-waste, anti-fast-fashion, anti-cliché, anti-stereotype, anti-stress…

ANTTI is metamorphosis; it’s everything and nothing. There’s no right or wrong.

We dare you to be bold and to express yourself, so if something isn’t ripped, wrinkled or frayed already, wear it until it is.






Our plan is to unite a mass of already cool people by wrapping them in liveable, fashionable threads and inspiring them to become even cooler.

But being cool isn’t just about what you wear, it’s about where your clothes come from, who made them and the ideology behind it all.


ANTTI goes against mainstream industries, fast-fashion, exploitation, pollution and degradation of our environment, among other anti-ethical practices – as the name indicates for itself.



We want to help people understand the concept of slow-fashion and not following mainstream trends. We take our time to carefully design and produce small limited-run capsule collections locally and ethically in Sydney, Australia, where everything is closely managed and made with love in small family-owned factories.



Most of our fabrics are sourced from Sydney-based remnant warehouses, which are companies that purchase ends of fabric rolls that would otherwise be discarded, and resell them to businesses such as ANTTI who reutilise that fabric rather allowing it to become landfill. We design our garments to maximise the use of materials and reduce wastage to a minimum. Any fabric off-cuts and bits are repurposed to make stuffing for athletic punching bags.



By carefully sourcing Australian materials and by producing everything locally, we mitigate carbon emissions from transport and freight. We do not chemically treat our garments or accessories, nor do we use any harsh dyes to avoid water contamination and minimise the use of “invisible water” in our manufacturing processes.


ANTTI does not use plastic in design, development, pre-production, manufacturing or post-production. This means no plastic bags, no plastic tags, no plastic hangers. Our shopping bags and postage packaging are plastic-free as it should be.



At ANTTI we embrace fairness, justice and equal rights. Our business is built around love and honesty, so it is only obvious that all of our employees, suppliers, manufacturers and contractors are treated with kindness and respect; work in safe environments; and earn above average wages. We do not employ children, nor support any form of modern slavery. We encourage and support small family-owned businesses to continue operating in Australia and drive our economy in a healthy and sustainable direction.


With conscious minds, humble hearts and rebel souls, we are ever-evolving and seeking to improve, innovate and contribute to the greater good.

The choice to disrupt and shift the direction of the Fashion Industry is in our hands, and we’re taking it seriously.


We don’t just sell clothes, we offer a lifestyle through products that were made to stand out in an over-saturated market filled with low-quality, mass-produced brands and over-priced labels. There are no dirty secrets at ANTTI because we think honesty is sexy.


This is ANTTI, we hope you like it as much as we do.